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Estate Administration Attorneys Serving Florida’s Treasure Coast

Administering an estate is a challenging and complex legal process. Doing so on behalf of a deceased loved one can be emotionally stressful as well.

At The Law Offices of Keane, Thomas & Pinnacoli, our lawyers can help. We take the necessary steps to properly administer the decedent’s estate — relieving you from the stress of doing so and giving you the assurance that everything is done properly.

The probate process includes:

  • Validating a deceased individual’s will
  • Identifying all the deceased’s debts and paying creditors
  • Locating and inventorying all the deceased’s assets
  • Transferring property title to heirs
  • Paying taxes
  • Distributing the individual’s assets
  • Ensuring the terms of the will are exactly followed

Taxes include the decedent’s income tax liability, estate tax liability, and the estate’s own income tax on its investment and business income during the period of administration.

Complications can result when:

  • The will and related estate planning documents were drafted in another state, and the deceased moved to Florida without updating them to comply with Florida law.
  • Terms of a will and related documents are obsolete — no longer matching the circumstances of the deceased and family members, or complying with the changed tax code.
  • Business interests are held by the estate.
  • Trusts must be administered.
  • The terms of a will are ambiguous, or other factors lead to conflict among potential beneficiaries.

In any such case you need not just an attorney, but a specialist in Florida estate administration to resolve the complications in accord with the wishes of the deceased as fully as possible.

How we help

Our attorneys can assist you by:

  • Presenting the decedent’s will to the probate court
  • Attending court hearings
  • Gathering and managing assets
  • Identifying and paying debts
  • Preparing tax returns and paying taxes
  • Handling creditor claims against the estate
  • Distributing assets to heirs and beneficiaries

Gregory Keane is a Florida Bar Board Certified Tax Lawyer and a Board Certified Wills, Trusts and Estates Lawyer. Board Certification is the highest level of recognition given by the Florida Bar for competency and experience of attorneys in the areas approved for certification by the Florida Supreme Court including professionalism and ethics in practice. Thus, you know we will help you follow the letter of the law as well as ensure that the decedent’s intentions are fulfilled to the extent possible.

Quality, integrity, and personalized legal service

For legal help regarding wills, estates, trusts, elder law or guardianship, call The Law Offices of Keane, Thomas & Pinnacoli, at 772-288-0000 or contact us online.


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