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Elder Law Attorneys Serving Florida’s Treasure Coast

With the rising cost of health care, decline in home prices and longer life spans, financial and health care security are becoming ever greater concerns for seniors.

We help protect your health, safety, financial security and ability to continue living in your home as you wish into your senior years. We also make sure you receive all public benefits you are entitled to, so you are not forced to deplete the savings you worked so hard for throughout your life.

Do not let the term elder law mislead you — the sooner you start preparing to meet the challenges of your senior years, the easier it is to meet your objectives. With our tax and estate planning expertise we help:

  • Protect retirement income
  • Maximize Social Security retirement and disability benefits
  • Assure you have adequate insurance coverage
  • Protect life savings from the risk of extraordinarily high nursing home care costs
  • Maximize Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran’s benefits, and resolve benefit disputes

We also ensure that any necessary health care proxy, medical directive, living will or power of attorney is in place to protect both you and your family should you become incapacitated.

Comprehensive Long-Term Care Planning

We use a team — including geriatric care nurses, medical specialists, trust officers and financial planning specialist to analyze the elder care issues of our clients. This enables us to understand problems and find custom-tailored resolutions to them in a manner that no law firm that simply prepares legal forms and advice can match.

The Keane Law Firm, understands the complex issues facing families with elderly or disabled loved ones. We actively assist individuals and families manage the challenges of aging, chronic illness and disability, including Medicaid and Veteran’s benefits.

As part of our comprehensive approach to long-term care planning, we routinely work with geriatric care managers, licensed social workers, and in home assistance companies. Consequently, we form a team of experienced care advocates with our attorneys to help our clients to remain independent as long as possible, and ensure they receive quality care and services that support and enhance their quality of life.

The goal of our team is to help our elderly clients remain safe and independent for as long as possible, enhance their quality of life and help them and their families plan for the future. Life can change quickly and create a crisis and our attorneys with the assistance of our colleagues are experienced in handling the challenges that arise when a loved one’s health takes a turn for the worst.

Protect your life savings

Long-term care in a nursing home can be highly expensive. The need for such care is unpredictable. We advise how to protect your family’s wealth from the potential cost of such care while assuring you will receive all available public benefits and insurance benefits to help pay for it should you need it. The sooner you begin such planning the more effective it will be. So do not delay.

You should enjoy your golden years with peace of mind in a worry-free retirement. We can help make that happen.

Quality, integrity, and personalized legal service

For legal help regarding wills, estates, trusts, elder law or guardianship, call The Keane Law Firm, at 772-288-0000 or contact us online.


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